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3 Proven Steps to Supercharge Your CTV Creative Strategy

CTV is a fast growing channel that’s revolutionizing how marketers connect with audiences. Join our creative experts at SparkLabs as they share what goes into creating proven impactful CTV ad experiences.


Emile Goffas

Emile Goffas

Sr. Creative Producer, SparkLabs

Jaden Cheng

Jaden Cheng

Sr. Business Analyst, SparkLabs

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Topics We’ll Cover

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The Magnitude of CTV

See how CTV’s growing significance in the advertising landscape and the unique opportunity CTV presents for ad creativity can level up your marketing campaigns.

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Making High-Performance Ads

Learn about the anatomy of high-performing CTV ads and highlight the key elements that set successful ads apart.

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Concepts in Practice

Examine three high-performing CTV ads with real-life examples and actionable insights that you can incorporate into your own performance campaigns.

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